Friday, March 21, 2008

Old Stuff

Bit of an old one here... This was an installation that was up this last summer which I very much forgot to post. It was originally intended to be larger, much larger with allot more painted pieces that related to one another, but I think the idea comes through. It seemed weird at the time to invest the time painting these shitty old frames which the paint didn't even want to stick to, knowing that no one would want these things and that, minus the painting on the wall and independent of one another, they didn't work all that well as art pieces. At the time, I felt a bit like I was wasting resources on these things.

Now of course, my view on things has shifted a bit, especially since putting all the effort into the cardboard face installation,(see last entry)and becoming a bit more enamored with a first-hand viewers interaction with the work and less concerned about materials involved and the longevity of the work, which for some reason I have become hyper-sensitive. It's freeing to work with garbage, and it takes the pressure off, knowing that I'm not working on some ten dollar piece of watercolor paper.

I have been invited to participate in a three person installation group show called Ground Us This summer at the Huntington Beach Art Center. I am more excited about creating a piece for this show than I have been about any other art related things in the last year or so. I have a square-ish space of about 28x30 feet with high ceilings in which to create this "Thing" I've been thinking of for maybe a year now. It's going to be huge, take tons of time, space, money, and energy to construct, but thanks to the curator, Darlene DeAngelo I will be making this "Thing" exactly at it was conceived. More about that later, I will post images of the work in progress and specific details.

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