Friday, March 16, 2007

Smoke Moves Like Ghosts Through The Trees

Here's a shot for a window installation I created for a show in Long Beach CA, Called "Smoke Moves Like Ghosts Through The Trees" The name came to me a couple of years ago while climbing Mt. Pilchuck in WA. J. and I were following the trail to the summit and an old fire lookout impaled precariously on the very craggy peak of the mountain. As we slowly made our way over the damp moss and through stands of wiry pines, lazy low lying clouds rolled across our path and through the trees around us, life like wisps traveling by and on to some undisclosed destination. The phrase rolled around the back of my mind as we hiked on, with me imagining tree sprites, and living cloud-ghosts all happily inhabiting the mountain with J. the marmots and I. It was scrawled out and then forgotten for so many months. Almost all my show titles come to me like that, like disconnected disemboweled and deconstructed lines of a poem I have neither the will or the wit to write. They often flit around the back of my mind gaining momentum until they have the inertia to materialize, or get scrawled out and trapped between the chip board covers of one sketchbook or another, waiting to be unearthed and rediscovered often lying dormant for years.

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