Saturday, March 17, 2007

Work In Progress

, so here it is, a sneak peek at one of my current projects, A billboard! I worked with Peter at ECO-Logical Art last year for his "Off The Wall 2" show which involved a bunch of artists painting on used billboard vinyl. He's been working all year to get a hold of not only full 14x48 foot rolls of used vinyl but also the use of a couple billboards at various locations throughout LA. I'm not entirely positive on the specifics, but the vinyl is virtually indestructible and as far as I know gets tossed after the ads come down which is a damn shame because it could be turned into tents for refugees, back packs, wallets, or anything utilizing or requiring a sturdy fabric. I kind of fell in love with the surface while painting on it last year, and absolutely jumped at the chance to paint a full size billboard on the material. At some point in April, this thing will be put up for all of LA to see. The pressure's on, this piece will be viewed more times in a month than the sum of anything else I have ever created.

The first pic is mostly for scale the other one is a nearly finished section that represents about a fourth of the entire surface area. I'll post more stuff as it happens.

A couple guys who are doing a documentary on the project came by today while I was working and did an interview and took some shots of me working... strange. Being watched while I'm working is weird enough, but being filmed and asked to discuss process at the same time is real bizarre.


Kim Bagwill said...

I just saw your blog listing on Awesome Artists yahoo group and as I just started my own blog, thought I'd check yours out. I was so surpised to find out that you're doing the Billboard Project, too! I'm doing one of the "smaller" ones, that's only 10 ft. x 13 ft. (a third of a billboard). I thought the interview and filming was bizarre as well, but it will be fun to see the final project, though I may not want to watch myself.

P. said...

Yes, I'm hoping in a way that most of the film of me ends up on the cutting room floor. Still it was quite novel.