Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Summer Thus Far Part 2

Now that I have real work space, my parents have been pushing me to move the remaining stuff that I have squirreled away all over their house. One of the items was a four drawer file cabinet that i have been filling up with drawings, notebooks, and super random paperwork since the 8th grade. I threw out what I thought was a lot of stuff like crazy old drawings and manuals for fax machines, but It's still basically full. Among the wackness were these "Carpads" that I started keeping (and still do) when I first got a car. I found my self on the road a lot between school and home and drawing and jotting notes while driving made it feel like just slightly less of a waste of time. Yes, it was probably dangerous, I had a little suction-cup clipboard which is why all these are tiny notepads, this setup was fine for a while but I eventually bent a coat hanger to fit through a spiral bound pad and hang on my steering wheel at the same time. At any rate, the drawings are absolute crap and the notes are incomprehensible if not completely insane, but the covers are nice right? I might post some pics later if I get a slow day.

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