Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hiking Time

With Spring Break coming up, I've been prepping for and fixating on a couple of hikes I want to take. The more backpacking I do, the more I try leave behind while still maintaining a degree of comfort and preparedness for the possible. These pics represent the evolution of my travel watercolor kit over the years.

The first pic is a Sennelier travel kit, the collapsable cup I actually used jammed with sand in San Sebastian Spain and stopped working before subsequently falling apart. The second pic is a 24-pan enamel box filled with Daniel Smith watercolors that I took along on my 20,000 mile US road trip. The last couple are what I've been using lately: tiny toy tins or plastic novelty watercolor boxes with the crapy colors that came with them replaced with single daubs of DS paint, a collapsing Isabey sable brush, all housed in a one liter Sea to Summit Waterproof stuff sack.

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