Monday, January 7, 2008

Without A Hitch (almost)

After a few days of crawling around on the ground under the installation piece which really sucked by the way, and putting tons of effort and time in to finishing the thing, here's what we ended up with. I think it was absolutely amazing and as far as the piece was conceived, worked perfectly. It was, as designed: an interactive shooting-gallery installation piece. The big "however" is that we weren’t able to make as many of the ducks respond to the infrared gun as we had hoped, and in the end it was a simple power issue as I understand it. I can't sing enough praises for the assistance, dedication and good cheer of one Mr. N. Cohen who’s technical and electrical savvy is really what made this thing come to life. Without him, (pictured above in the second image with matted wet hair owing to the crazy storm which decided to hit the night of the opening) this just would have been another collection of painted and sculptural elements stuck in a corner and called an installation. There is something to be said about outsourcing elements of an art piece to someone in who can do a much better job making the concept a reality than I could. Next step, assemble a crack team of underpaid, over skilled and over educated artists, technicians and engineers to assist in realizing the next big project.

I just wanted to mention here that I ran a Half Marathon (the OC Marathon) yesterday which was pretty awesome. My ego wishes it was the full marathon which I would totally brag about, but I only started training a couple months ago and that would have been totally unrealistic. I will be running a full marathon in San Diego this June so the training goes on. I also want to thank anyone who showed up to cheer and support a runner, it’s hard to explain but there is a huge emotional boost from someone on the sidelines throwing out positive energy. Perhaps it's like that in the rest of life as well where we could all help each other out by being encouraging, but we're just not as aware of our internal dialogue as when pushing our limits.

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