Monday, April 23, 2007

May The Sea Swallow Us Whole

Just finished up a series of paintings I'll be sending to the Pawn Gallery in Dallas, TX. for my solo show there titled: "May The Sea Swallow Us Whole" I'm totally in love with these paintings I don't know if it's cool or not to say that about your own work, but it's the truth. The above shot is of most of the paintings laid out in my studio getting in some final drying time before packing. The whale piece below it isn't going to Dallas but instead is currently hanging on the wall at Thinkspace in LA. Compare it to one of the sketches I posted a couple of entries back to see how the translation from sketch to paint unfolds. It looks like I'll be going to Dallas for the show and if I can swing it time wise, I'll be bringing Installation elements to put the finishing touches on the show.

Painting these scenes of drama unfolding in the midst of seascapes seems to have unlocked something in my brain, and there will be a quite a few more pieces to come before this series runs it's course.

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