Monday, October 12, 2009

Cellphone Macro!

I've been disgustingly busy lately, so much so that the random distractions which occasionally end up posted here have been entirely put on hold. One on the last distractions I was tinkering with before getting ultra busy, was the deconstruction or a flat bed scanner and an attempted reconstruction of it into a scanning camera. I was working on this for a couple weeks with one Mr. N. Cohen before we more or less decided that it wasn't going to happen with the scanner we were working with. It wasn't a complete loss, we learned a lot about the mechanics of a scanner in the process, and discovered a small series of lenses that have proven to be kind of entertaining. Attached to the front of my cellphone's camera, The combo makes for a nearly impossible-to-focus macro camera. Though not quite as good as what's been done before, It's still entertaining.

The first two pics are of the same subject at the same distance, the first without the lens, the second with it. The other shots are of random plants. I really like the depth of field that it has to offer.

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