Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh, My Heavy Heart

A relatively pointless post here: Last night I had the fortune to witness this gift being given and received. It's a battery powered bear that plays piano using what is apparently telekinesis, and depending on the hat you place on his head, will launch into a different accent (none of them offensive unfortunately) and set of songs generically befitting the hat. Appropriately named "Teddy Takes Requests" it retails on amazon for $79.99. It makes me sad that people would be into this thing, perhaps most disturbing are the 5 star customer reviews form amazon which all mention it's status as a conversation piece, because what the fuck else would you be talking about?

"This is a great and will be quite a conversation piece this Christmas. The tones are nice."
Mom59 (USA)

"Teddy has quite a personality! He makes funny remarks at different times; either before or after a song or a number of songs. He plays a whole bunch of different songs and will keep you entertained for hours. A good converstion piece and kids love it."
P.M. (Illinois)

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[Purity] said...

Oh my gosh I almost started crying I was so scared.