Monday, June 23, 2008

Installation Updates

I stopped by the Huntington Beach Art Center for a few hours today to put up the rigging for the airplanes that will dangle above the installation. (And other unmentionable reasons) For what would any modern city be without planes? I took this shot from atop a 10' ladder, still couldn't trap the entirety of the thing with my camera.

The other picture is a progress shot of one the other artists, Kiel Johnson, who is also doing something city themed and... By the way does amazing work and you need to visit his website:

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Philip Miller said...

Mr. Williams has given us a tour de force performance and site specific sculpture that ranks at the top of west coast contemporary art scene.

Outrageously humorous & at the same time the implications of this well-crafted installation coupled with the Godzilla-like performance, are as sobering as a heart attack.


Philip Miller,
Tucson, Arizona