Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I wanted to say Thanks to Scott Bennett from Golden for being an available source of amazing information. Having worked at a couple Art Supply stores including one that manufactured it's own line of paint on site, I pride my self on my knowledge of artist's materials and how one might go about using them. I've had an issue with my paint sticking a bit as I roll up the billboard vinyl and I needed a solution fast. I had to ask my self, who could I contact that knows way more about acrylic paint and related materials than I do? I emailed Golden's technical support with my question at 10:30pm and by 8am the next day I had a response. If you feel the need to bump up on your artist's material knowledge, I recommend reading Art Hardware by Steven L. Saitzyk who I was fortunate to have as an instructor at Art Center for a class called "Property of Artist's Materials" I think the book may be out of print, but it's well worth finding. For much drier reading, The Artist's Handbook by Ralph Mayer is an amazing source of technical info all the way on down to the molecular structure of paint films and the reflection and refraction of the visible spectrum of light. Very cool stuff.

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