Tuesday, March 27, 2007

International Call for Artists

Found this in my inbox this morning. Sounds kind of cool A good opportunity for anyone wishing to take that leap into the realm of international artist.

grafisk vaerksted \ NAESTVED – The Print Studio for Artists - would like to celebrate its 20 years anniversary in 2008 by inviting you to take part in

Naestved International Exhibition of Contemporary Mini Square Prints

- and we ask you please to pass on this invitation to other artists.

The Exhibition will be an international survey of contemporary miniature prints to be held in April - May 2008

The purpose is in the first hand to introduce the Danish public to contemporary miniature prints from around the world while in the second hand to enlarge the collection of works within the grafisk vaerksted / NAESTVED and Naestved Kommune (Naestved Municipal County) and making the archives available for academic research, museums, artists, and print students alike. The works within this research archives can never be sold.

The Exhibition will initially be exhibited at Naestved Cultural Centre & Museum exhibition spaces and thereafter will become a travelling exhibition

We invite you to submit up to three (3) different prints. Works in all print media are eligible, including editioned, serial editioned, variable edtioned, open editioned, uneditioned, uneditionable, as well as digitally informed works.

Maximum dimension of the print is 8 x 8 cm. The Maximum size of the print matrix/substrate is 18 x 18 cm. (this maximum size includes both image and border areas). The original prints must be matted with plain white matt board. The outside dimensions for the matting / passe-par-tout must be 20 x 20 cm. for both the „passe-par-tout“ and backing board.

Official entry forms are not required for entry.

There is no entry fee.

Entries must be received by November 15, 2007.

Submit the following:

• Print[s]: Prints must be signed, have a title and an arrow on the back of the backing board indicating the top of the piece

• Short C.V. [includes email and web address if available]

Each print submitted should include the following information:

• Name of Artist

• Title of Work

• Medium [specify techniques/printing methods/ if mixed]

• Date of Work

Please note that submitted works will not be returned, but instead will become part of the research archives of grafisk vaerksted \ NAESTVED & Naestved County

Send all materials to:

Naestved Exhibition of Mini Square Prints

grafisk vaerksted \ NAESTVED

Sygestalden 15,

Groennegades Kaserne Kulturcenter

DK-4700 Naestved


• Please send entries in a sturdy package clearly marked „Print(s) for exhibition“ and the declaration „No commercial value“. Enclose sufficient postage for delivery.

• The Naestved Exhibition assumes no liability for works lost or damaged during transit. All prints received will be properly handled and after exhibitions retained and archived within the research archives of grafisk vaerksted / Naestved.

If the submitted works are not monoprints you are free to use the prints for other exhibitions etc.

A catalogue of works and exhibitions will be published at www.grafisk-kunst.dk .

The Naestved Exhibition of Contemporary Mini Square Prints/The Print Studio for Artists is a non-profit, cultural and research-oriented event/studio and no profits will be sought from its submissions and/or participants.

For questions or comments please contact The Naestved Exhibition of Contemporary Mini Square Prints at grafisk-kunst@mail.dk

Your attention and dissemination of this information are greatly appreciated!

On behalf of grafisk vaerksted \ NAESTVED – The Print Studio for Artists

Torben Soeborg

PS: The Print Studio for Artists is situated in the provincial town Neastved in the Southern part of the Danish island Zealand, about 80 km South of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark

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