Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Figured it out

After giving it about twenty four hours of thought, I think that in addition to being a public digital diary complete with musing, swooning and rants , I'll also be using this blog as an excuse to show off things I'm working on that may or may not eventually make it on to my website, and for that matter may or may not otherwise have seen the light of day. Suffice to say, I'm always working on something, and usually something in addition so a few other somethings. The trying out of new ideas, cooking up art schemes, building mini-mock ups, and in general just plain messing around, is at points a minor subtext to whatever else I'm working on and at other times manages to overwhelm. I'm extremely easily distracted when it comes to new ideas and after a few years of coping with it and trying to figure out how much is just enough to put in to my R&D efforts, it seems like the best way to deal with this has been to simply work through the ideas, try stuff out, and make a couple objects to see what sticks.

Pictured above, My brother sharing a couch with an Ikea box/packing material woman. she is opinionated and passive aggressive which is strange considering she is cardboard and little else. It was late one evening, S. had just finished setting up his new furniture like the well designed particle board creations that they are. The boxes and packing materials were in a pile waiting for someone to muster the energy to dump them in the recycle bin. I've been thinking a lot about reusing materials and seeing the potential of normally trashed items to become something else lately, not that turning trash into art makes it any more useful, but if I can use previously employed and otherwise discarded materials to make things, then I'm going to dammit. Of course that raises the question about the archival nature of materials employed for the creation of art, which has a very specific and finite system and chemistry that has been established and tested over the last thousand years, and thanks to science been confirmed in the last fifty, but I'm sure I'll blab more about that later. Not to worry, the Ikea box woman didn't end up in a museum, rather she was recycled and is likely once more a box hugging the corners of some cheap particle board furniture.

The other Pic is a couple examples of books I've bound. I'm kind of a sketchbook fiend and after using much of what was already on the market, I decided to learn how to make my own so I could take advantage of the paper I like to use and keep them to a size convenient for me. Of course, after making a bunch of them, the book making has tapered off a bit because it's just so much easier to, purchase a new sketchbook when I need one. The book in the back is a sketchbook I made for S. and the one in the front is My entry for the International Flip Book Festival. When I have the time to figure out how, I'll make a little animation of the flip book and post it someplace, perhaps here.


edwinushiro said...

It's about time!!! I truly hope you enjoy this blog. It may become your best friend that doesn't put out. hahahah. Yup, that made no sense. Love your cardboard lady. I think I met her family once in your Pasadena garage back in the day. And who is this mysterious S?

P. said...

S. is my bro. have to keep things mysterious you know.