Sunday, March 18, 2007

Enter The Dorks

For lack of a better name or any sort of verbal skills for that matter, I've been calling these things dorks. Made with a combination mono type silkscreen process, they were initially intended to be a series of faceless portraits of working stiffs wearing the various uniforms of one job or another, but as I continued to experiment with the materials, it became much more about the process than the product. I may or may not show them, as they differ slightly from my body of work as a whole, so I figured I'd debut them here first.


edwinushiro said...

Hi Pat, thanks for the burrito. As the fat bastard I may become, I ate sushi at my friends party a couple hrs later. Gross. But next time it's my treat. All you need to do is print my comment along with a copy of your birth certificate. This offer expires 4/22/07.

P. said...

I don't even know what that means. I will tell you this though the "Mr." button has found a home on my favorite painting shirt, where it has been staring out blankly like an eye watching everything I do.